Global Activities


We are committed to giving back to our community from the proceeds of our events, Here’s what we did through your support

  • Helping food and clothing Needs to local organization – Friends of youth WA, Mary’s Place Seattle, Tent City Issaquah.
  • Contributed for Sophia Way New shelter.
  • Supported Therapy and Mental counselling for Acid attack Survivors of Atijeevan Foundation (Delhi)
  • Taken care of medical supplies for Old age home in Maharashtra Shirdi during year 2018.
  • Contributed food costs to Physically challenged Ashram in Hyderabad.
  • Supported Orphan home in Kakinada to get yearlong education 2017.
  • Distributed Clothing needs for old age home in Hyderabad 2018.
  • Annual Contribution towards local shelters by organizing Winter Drive.
  • Helped to distribute Groceries for less fortunate families during Pandemic Karimnagar.
  • Donated towards providing Scholarship for unaffordable Merit students of Holy cross Highschool Hyderabad Moti Nagar.
  • Donated towards the Chennai Rain Relief Rehabilitation Efforts.
  • Supported Hindu Temple priests during Pandemic to get going with
  • Conducted various free workshops locally to give back to the community.
  • Provided funding to Merit students in St Marys School Hyd.
  • Donated Baby clothing and groceries for State Home Hyd.