Talent Fiesta – Register to showcase 2022

WomenIkon is excited to announce our 5th annual International Women’s Day on March 12th to raise funds to support our women-related charity programs. Local artists are welcome to compete with others, submit your entries to perform on the day. Find the guidelines below.

Event Date: Mar 12th from 2 PM to 8 PM
Venue: Sammamish High school performing arts, Bellevue.
Last date for registrations: Jan 31st 2020.
Food: We will have a food/snack stall & station open for purchase.
Please submit your registration online by Jan 31st for any questions please email to [email protected]

Competition Participation Categories:
1.Dance: All Ages: Group and Solo welcome.
Dance – Classical Dance and Folk/Non-Film/Film Dance
2.Singing: All Ages: Group and Solo Welcome.
Vocal – Classical or Folk/Film/Non-Film Vocal.
3.Instruments:All Ages:Group and Solo welcome: Have you been playing Violin, Veena or Guitar? any one of the following instruments and striving to outreach public
4.Sudoku: All Ages welcome: Easy, medium and hard. Every puzzle is timed, and players are judged based on how quickly they can complete the Sudoku puzzles. The fastest puzzle solver wins.
5.Rubik’s cube:All Ages welcome: Members of a team who can solve the cube in under 2 minutes may also compete.
6.Art:All Ages welcome: Canvas, painting, watercolors etc make anything at home and bring to the venue.

8.Unique Talents:All Ages: Group and Solo welcome: Present any special talents on stage to get validation for one’s efforts like Gymnastic, Hoola loop, ring dance or any other.
9.Fashion show:All Ages:Only Groups: Lovely Ethnic wear, Trendy costumes, Famous personalities, Historic appearance to walk on the ramp with confidence. For all ages welcome.
10.Sloka Recital: All Ages:Only Groups: Participants can either memorize or reference material while recital.
Note: Consider your performance is confirmed only after you receive a performance ID.If you do not meet the criteria, we have the right to reject any group.

Ticket Purchase
• Solo -$ 40 USD (Music and Dance).
• An individual in the group: $15.
• Audience admission:$10.
• Kids under 5 FREE for admission.

Participation age Groups
please choose an age group to which the performance belongs to. Groups may have 50% of the participants belonging to higher or lower ages.
• Sub-junior – up to 7 years
• Junior – Age 8 – 12 years
• Teen – Age 13 – 18 years
• Adult Group – Age 19 years and above

Participation Type
• Group – Minimum 4 Participants.
• Solo for only special talents and instruments.

Music Selection & Participation guidelines:
• All the entries and song selections are first come first serve basis.
• Song duration must be at or under 4 minutes.
• Email your own audio file before the show. It must be a good quality MP3 or .WAV format.
• All audio files must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the event date.
• A participant can participate only once in each category.
• Junior participants can perform in teen or adult group as long as they are less than 50% of the group.
• Winners in each category will receive trophies. All participants will receive a certificate as a token of appreciation for participating.

Judging: A panel of judges will be scoring the performance. Scoring is based on criteria like dance movies, sync or vocal strength, pitch, tone, and melody.